How to Find Forgiveness When It Seems Impossible
Allison Vesterfelt
By Allison Vesterfelt

From the time I was four until I was seven-years-old I was sexually abused on a consistent basis by someone I trusted.

So before I was even old enough to understand what forgiveness was, I had already decided I didn’t want anything to do with it. I wasn’t trying to be mean-spirited (I was seven). It was just my very natural coping mechanism. I would hide what happened and twist it and lie about it if I needed to, but I wasn’t going to tell anyone. And I wasn’t going to […]

How to Free Yourself From Unhealthy Relationships
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

My friend Pete recently let me in on a paradigm shift I found helpful. He was talking about a friend of his who, for some reason, was taking up a bit too much of his mental space. He was beginning to feel responsible for a friend’s bad decisions. Another friend of Pete’s said that Pete needed to be responsible TO his friend, not FOR his friend.

Pete explained this meant he was responsible to be kind to […]

Your Life Is Your Vote
Sarah Thebarge
By Sarah Thebarge

Every week there’s one news story that captivates me and accounts for the majority of my current events reading for the next seven days. This week, the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn a key portion of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 caught my attention.

Before the VRA was enacted, many states manufactured their own unauthorized rules that made it difficult for blacks to become registered voters. Blacks had to pass a literacy test. Or show a government-issued ID. Or recite the Declaration of Independence. Because of these discriminatory practices, registered black voters lagged behind registered white voters by up to 60% in 1965. Twenty-three years later, the gap had closed to an average of 6%.

This week in a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court decided to […]