How the Secret of the Snake Changed My Life Forever
Brian Gardner
By Brian Gardner

Many years ago I struggled with some pretty severe sinful patterns in my life. Some would call them addictions, and if I’m being honest, they were. These weren’t your run-of-the-mill sinful patterns. They were the kind that destroy lives and break up marriages.

Which, for me, they did both.

In the darkest hours of these struggles, I found depression and a desire to end my life. At the worst point, I truly believed there would be no way out except to die.

How The End of Poverty Comes With The End of Violence
Gary Haugen
By Gary Haugen

Over the years, I have sat with many poor mothers and fathers as they have shared their stories of surviving genocide, slavery, and abuse. The pain they describe is unfathomable—and I’m tempted to imagine that the people who endure it are somehow different from me. Maybe, somehow, they just don’t feel things like I do. […]

Why I Don’t Go to Church Very Often, a Follow Up Blog
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Monday I wrote about why I don’t attend church regularly. I was naive to open such a sensitive conversation without expecting a backlash. I confess I was taken aback at the response. But also encouraged. I’d never confessed that before though I’ve many friends who’ve asked me to. In a way, I feel like I can be more myself now than ever.

That said, though, I was misunderstood in a number of ways so for sanity’s sake, I’ll create some clarification. So a follow-up is in order. That said, one caveat: I’ll offer camera angles on the issue because that’s how I think. I tend to see things from multiple angels and am comfortable not choosing “the right one.” I often weigh them against each other and continue to ask what camera angles I’m still not seeing.