What It Really Means to Submit Yourself to God
Allison Fallon
By Allison Fallon

The first time I felt frustrated with the concept of submitting myself to God was when I was choosing where to go to college. I knew it was a big decision—maybe the biggest decision I had made up to that point in my life—so I invested my whole self into it. I researched, applied, and finally heard good news from several schools.

“Okay, God,” I said. “Where should I go?”


Why Every Girl Longs for a Father’s Love
John Sowers
By John Sowers

My twin daughters are two years old.

They love doing somersaults at gymnastics. Walking on the balance beam. Jumping in the foam pit. They love the zoo – the lumbering elephants and tall giraffes and howling monkeys. Rhinos scare them a little. They love home-made smoothies that Kari calls “Banana Drink.” (Pronounced ‘bo-nana dink’)

Sunday Morning Sermon — The Simplest Stories Are the Most Profound
Darrell Vesterfelt
By Darrell Vesterfelt

One of the reasons I love stories are they take complex ideas and make them easy to understand.

I think that is why cartoons and children’s stories have been so powerful for so long. They take the complexities of life and communicate them in the way an eight year old can understand them.

Think about it. Some of the most powerful stories that have transcended generations are nothing more than stories meant for youth.