If a Book Can be Judged by its Cover, Can a Person be Judged by Their Bookshelf?
Joel J. Miller
By Joel J. Miller

I spent half of Saturday organizing my library. I’ve always had an unwieldy number of books, more volumes than space, and it requires a fair amount of shuffling around and reordering to get them all to sit there in a way that’s useful to me and tolerable to my wife.

It’s pure joy. Sorting through my library is therapeutic. There are few things more intellectually restorative than a casual browse of books you love.

A journey through your shelves allows you to get reacquainted with old friends and relations, books that might have triggered a line of thinking that still…

Really, a Therapist? Why and When You Should See One…
Bill Lokey
By Bill Lokey

I don’t know what you think about therapists or have thought about people who go see them but it may be that for some reason you are considering finding one for yourself now. If so, here are some considerations for helping you choose a…

What if You Don’t Know What to do With Your Life?
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I’ve been taking people through the Storyline process for about four years now. The process helps people clarify their ambitions and take next steps. But a consistent question I get is…

Sunday Morning Music, Adam Agin
Tim Schurrer
By Tim Schurrer

I’ve been a big fan of Adam Agin’s music for quite a while now. The guy bleeds creativity. I hope you enjoy this live version of…

A Tip on Learning How to Love – Dive Into Their World
Shauna Niequist
By Shauna Niequist

My husband Aaron and I aren’t really Halloween people—we’re not into zombies and tombstone decorations. We’re not pumpkin enthusiasts. I’m not a fall person at all—not a ‘can’t-wait-to-break-out-my-sweater-and-boots’ person, not a pumpkin spice latte lover. We don’t boycott Halloween. We don’t turn off our porch lights and hide inside, but we definitely don’t put cobwebs in our trees or fake spiders on our porch or skeletons holding machetes in our bushes.

At least, we didn’t until…

The Real Enemy to Creativity is You
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Writing gets harder, not easier. It’s all battling demons, you know. The first book was such an easy one, then Blue was easy, too, looking back. I might have thrown away one chapter for every ten. Now it’s the opposite. I throw away five to ten chapters for every one that makes it into a book. The whole thing is melodrama from beginning to end.

It takes years now to write a single chapter worth publishing. It’s all because of…

The Most Powerful Decision Maker Isn’t the President. It’s THIS Person…
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

For the last two years we’ve heard a host of candidates pitch their vision for America. They told us, over and over, what they’d do with the country if they were given executive power over the next four years. And while the Presidency is certainly a powerful position, the truth is there’s another executive whose vision will have a much greater impact over what happens in your life. That executive is YOU. You are the most…

What to do When it Feels Like Everybody is Out to Get You
By Donald Miller
The Power of a Good Story: How to Make 4-Billion Dollars for Writing on a Napkin
By Donald Miller
Sunday Morning Music, Thad Cockrell
By Tim Schurrer
How a Homeless Man Changed My Life
By Jena Nardella