How Infighting will Kill the Church

Most of my friends who no longer attend church, and the majority of my friends no longer attend, have left over petty arguments about theology. It’s not that they left because people didn’t agree with them, they actually left because they got tired of hearing other people argue about their interpretation of scripture. They wanted […]

A Creator and His Work are One

Ever wonder why the manmade world is getting uglier? They are going to build a bridge in my neighborhood to span the Wilamette. There are proposed pictures floating around on flyers and we are to log on to such and such a website and voice our opinions. They are all bad, in my opinion. They […]

The Power of a Poets Line

Today is ST. Valentines Day, so if you haven’t sent a loving sentiment to your mate, you can thank me for the reminder. The holiday was first created to honor Christian Martyrs, and you can thank the Catholic church for that. It’s unknown which of the St. Valentines it is intended to honor, as there […]

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