How Fantasy is Killing Your Imagination and Robbing Your Productivity
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I’m getting into some debatable vocabulary, here, but I want to point out a stark difference between imagination and fantasy. I’m hoping a simple dileniation might help those of you with active imaginations.

I’m capable of living almost exclusively in my mind. I can walk and daydream for hours. But some of these…

Want To Live A Meaningful Life? Stop Thinking It’s About You
Justin Zoradi
By Justin Zoradi

In early 2010, after a few menacing weeks in South Africa, I was inches away from throwing in the towel on my fledgling organization. There was just too much evil in the world; too many dark forces keeping the poor in poverty and the rest of us too concerned with ourselves to do anything about it.

What saved me were the words of a friend. “Don’t make a decision in the dark that was…

Do Women Want to Be Treated Like Men or Do Women Want to be Treated Like Equals?
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I read an interesting article the other day about a lesbian couple who decided to go straight. How? One of them got a sex change.

Fascinating enough as it is, the part of the article that really peaked my interest was that the woman who changed her gender didn’t much like the world of men. She liked being a man, but she no longer liked the way the world treated her. She said men don’t compliment each other, they don’t…

How to Overcome a Past Success to Make it Happen Again
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Success can be the worst thing that ever happens to you. Many people can handle failure, but very few can handle personal accomplishment.

I watched an NFL football game recently when a young, highly touted quarterback was benched after…

Sunday Morning Music, Matthew Perryman Jones
Tim Schurrer
By Tim Schurrer

Matthew Perryman Jones is one of my favorite artists of all time. Not only is his voice one of a kind, so is the authenticity he brings to songwriting. Every musician should be paying attention to how…

Want Resolution in Life? Try Trading Resolution for Patience
Joel J. Miller
By Joel J. Miller

In movies the hero butts up against a problem, something that threatens his peace, safety, and happiness. If the screenwriter is at all talented, we quickly sympathize. We have troubles of our own, after all, and our sympathy and identification increase as the story intensifies. Every twist and turn of the plot worsens our hero’s position to the problem until, when all appears most dire, he finally prevails. The problem is resolved and peace, safety, and happiness are restored. The hero triumphs. All is well. We breathe easy.

It’s a hopeful and satisfying formula. It presents a picture of…

Reflecting on the Two Different Spirits Guiding the Christian Church
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

What I love about our faith is it’s power to reconcile. At the birth of the Christian community, just after Christ went to be with the Father, the Spirit was sent to reconcile Jews and Gentiles (and yes, even Muslims) with no shortage of truth. But the spirit of that movement was love and peace, even if it caused an enormous amount of tension.

In history, there are very few movements that involve strong, unshakeable statements of…

How an Invitation to Tea Curbed a Slew of Suicide Attempts
By Al Andrews
When Writing a Book, Start With Your Own Story
By Donald Miller
A More Accurate Definition of the Word Integrity. You May Have More of it Than You Thought.
By Donald Miller
Sunday Morning Music, Gregory Alan Isakov
By Tim Schurrer