The Best of 2013, But The Best Is Yet To Come
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

At Storyline we’re celebrating another terrific year. We held conferences in San Diego and Nashville, and have added quite a few writers to the blog. For the last year, we’ve managed to post a new blog almost every day. That’s quite a feat and we couldn’t have done it without an amazing staff (which has tripled in size over the last 12 months). It’s been great to meet many of you at our conferences. There’s no question we’ve built a growing community of people living a better story.

In honor of 2013 I thought it would be fun to share some of the most popular reads from the blog, and for fun, I’ve thrown in my favorite book, movie and album. I hope you enjoy

Can’t wait to make new memories in 2014. Thanks so much for joining us.

The Greatest Impact You Have May Come Out Of Your Pain
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Have you ever met somebody who has been hurt, wrongfully hurt and is bitter about it? It’s difficult to have compassion, even though they have a right and reason to be bitter. We may want justice for them, and may even have empathy, but there is something imperfect about the story. And yet I find bitterness is easy when I’ve been wronged. Vengeance is a normal reaction, it seems, a human reaction. What else are we supposed to to with our pain?

Years ago I read a book called Country of my Skull, about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa. The TRC was a commission put together by Nelson Mandella to hear cases of crimes against humanity committed under apartheid. Mandella asked Bishop Desmond Tutu to head up the commission […]

Sunday Morning Sermon – If You Can’t Change It, Own It
Darrell Vesterfelt
By Darrell Vesterfelt

Patience Beard is a scholarship Division 1 Cheerleader at the University of Arkansas, but isn’t like other women in her situation. Patience lives her life with a prosthetic leg.

Not only is Patience inspirational because of what she has accomplished as a cheerleader, with an obvious disadvantage, but because she doesn’t view herself has “different.”

I love Patience’s outlook on life. It makes me re-think how to view challenges I face in the new year. From now on, when I face something that seems like a disadvantage, I’m going to look for reasons it can be an asset to me.