Sunday Morning Sermon – Phil Robertson on His Relationship with Jesus
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Phil Robertson, a character on the reality series Duck Dynasty, talks about his relationship with Jesus […]

Saturday Morning Cereal: The Best Viral Videos We Found This Week
Tim Schurrer
By Tim Schurrer

The majority of you loved the in-laws video last week, making that our winner.

What about this week? […]

The Only Thing More Important Than What You Say Is How You Say It
Dr. Henry Cloud
By Dr. Henry Cloud

Sometimes we have no idea what a simple prescription can do. The doctor tells you, “Just take this pill, and magic will happen.” You do it, and you get well. Things change … very simple.

Here is a simple prescription that I wanted to share with you: in whatever situation you find yourself, whether at work or in your personal life, something to focus on with all diligence is “tone.” Your “tone” is the way that you talk to someone, especially when they are doing something wrong, or not doing something that you want. We all have a tendency at some level to get aggravated and amped up a bit, depending on how much we are hurt, frustrated, or afraid. But, the kicker is this: the more our tone is negative towards someone, or angry, or escalated, the less chance we have of getting the outcome we desire.

The reason is when we are angry or negative, it causes […]