How Living an Ordinary Life Becomes Extraordinary
Becca Stevens
By Becca Stevens

I walked to work last week and passed a spider web. It was stunning as it shimmered in the dewy morning light. I noticed it hung between two trees by only four slender threads. I studied this Charlotte-like web as if it might have a message for me. But as I noticed the sleeping spider, I remembered this was just an ordinary web and nothing more than a day’s work for a spider. […]

Does Your Stuff Define You?
Allison Vesterfelt
By Allison Vesterfelt

If I were to tell you I measure success in my life by the quality and amount of stuff I own, I’m guessing one of two things would happen. Either you would stop reading and write me off as sad and shallow. Or, you would keep reading, but feel a great deal of sympathy for me (or maybe anger toward me) for being so sad and shallow.

You might even take the time to write an angry or corrective comment below, so I could see the error of my ways.

But here’s what’s funny: I actually do believe this. (Keep reading).

Why Don’t Christians Take Risks That Matter?
Sarah Thebarge
By Sarah Thebarge

In the movie What About Bob, Bill Murray plays a neurotic patient named Bob who goes to see a psychiatrist played by Richard Dreyfuss. Halfway through their session, Bob clutches his chest, gasps for air, falls to the floor, flops around for a while making guttural noises, and then lies there silently.

Unfazed, the psychiatrists leans over and asks him if he’s finished. Bob climbs back into his chair and the psychiatrist asks him why he’s just faked a heart attack.

“Because if I fake it, I don’t have it,” Bob replies.