4 Reasons for Optimism in Today’s World
Justin Zoradi
By Justin Zoradi

There is a lot of bad news out there. If you turn on the TV, the stories on the news describe grim economic times, a world at war, the breakdown of society, and a pending zombie apocalypse.

This type of news messes with our belief systems. More than anything it makes us afraid. Unless bomb shelters count, scared people don’t create much. They don’t create because they are pre-occupied with protecting what is closest to them. This is […]

Choosing to Be Lonely Over a Bad Relationship is Radical Self-Respect
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I caught the movie The Way Way Back this weekend and enjoyed it. It’s one of those art-house films that stands up and makes you wish some of these movies had larger marketing budgets.

The film is really about a kid’s coming of age, his realization that life and love aren’t perfect, and his subtle encouragement to his mom to not settle.

That theme gives this movie the feel of an anti-love story. Not to say it’s against love, but it’s about one of those tough relationships in which […]

Sunday Morning Sermon – Richard Rohr on the Most Diminished Way to View the Bible
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I’ve serious problems with very modern theologians who view all of scripture literally. My problem is that the Bible is not so simple of a book, and to understand it literally is to simplify it. It’s a con game for people who don’t like the fact they can’t understand it all. Richard Rohr asks, “What if the Bible is authoritative and alive and transformative but not full of simple thoughts that are easy to categorize?” Essentially he’s asking, “Does the Bible have authority and it controls me, or I have authority and I control it?” […]