How an Invitation to Tea Curbed a Slew of Suicide Attempts
Al Andrews
By Al Andrews

About 40 years ago, Don and his wife, Moya, bought a house overlooking Sydney Harbor. It’s an area called, “The Gap,” and their dream home had stunning views of the cliffs and the water. What they didn’t know when they bought the house was that…

When Writing a Book, Start With Your Own Story
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

If you want to write a book about physics, you’ll have to know a lot about physics. And the same goes for psychology and botany. But to write a humane book, be it fiction or memoir, all you really need to know is your own story.

We read books for different reasons, sometimes to learn a craft or for a perspective on current events, but most of the…

A More Accurate Definition of the Word Integrity. You May Have More of it Than You Thought.
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I recently had a conversation with somebody who I questioned in terms of their honesty. It wasn’t that tense of a conversation, but I definitely pushed back. The response I received was a long, passionate monologue about how the person had really only told one lie in their professional life and had regretted it ever since. And that may be true, but it’s not realistic. We all exaggerate. We all see the facts through our own self-serving lense. We are all, well, a mix of good and bad.

Often when we talk about the integrity we have or the…

Sunday Morning Music, Gregory Alan Isakov
Tim Schurrer
By Tim Schurrer

I got chills this morning watching this video of Gregory Alan Isakov. It brings me back to a late night conversation with one of my best friends, with this record playing on repeat in the background. I hope you enjoy…

Rise “Above” Your Problems to Find a Solution: A Word About the Importance of Vision
John Sowers
By John Sowers

After weeks of wandering in the gloomy forest, the hikers grew depressed. Fall was coming and they were lost. They trudged along; dragging their heavy feet through the dead leaves carpeting the forest. Everywhere they looked, they only saw massive trees – ‘endless lines of straight gray trunks like the pillars of some huge twilight hall.’ They were ready to quit. Finally, in frustration, the leader shouted,

Is there no end to this accursed forest? Someone must…

Lance Armstrong: The Truth About (Some) Powerful Personalities
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

This week I’ve been following the news about Lance Armstrong. And I think the whole episode speaks to something greater about the human condition. I’m not talking about our tendency to cheat or lie,  I’m talking about our tendency to think people are a little better than they are.

Many of our heroes have corporations who’ve allotted massive budgets to promote their image, but anybody who buys into that image themselves might develop a bit of a personality disorder. Narcissistic personalities love power, both to…

Stop Waiting For God To Tell You What To Do With Your Life
Justin Zoradi
By Justin Zoradi

A friend told me that while he hated bussing tables at the restaurant where he was working, he was still waiting for God to tell him what to do with his life. He believed that if he was patient enough and did his work well, eventually God would reveal his true calling.

I told him I don’t think God works like that…

Sunday Morning Music, Andrew Belle
By Tim Schurrer
On the Importance of Tricking Yourself Every Once in a While
By Shauna Niequist
Our Primary Goal is Love
By Donald Miller
The Sacred Act of Remembering
By Jena Nardella