How to Get Through The Not-So-Graceful Beginning
Hillary Rector
By Hillary Rector

During a stretch of the gets-dark-so-early winter, my husband and I tried each weekend to make chicken tikka masala, something we love to order at Indian restaurants but had never made at home. In the process, I recognized an impulse in myself that pipes up whenever I try (or even ponder trying) something new. It […]

Why I Have A No Drama Policy
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I have a friend named Paul who has set up his automated email signature to read “No Drama.” At first, I thought it was an odd thing to add to every email you send out, but then I realized how much drama we unnecessarily create in life. And it doesn’t serve us in our work […]

Do You Filter Your Relationships? You Probably Should.
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Growing up as a Christian I was taught I should forgive and accept everybody. I still believe that. But what forgiving and accepting has looked like over the years has changed. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received was given to me by my friend Ben. We were taking a break from a […]