How I Used Twitter to Write a Book
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Writing books is a no-feedback game. Certainly you can ask friends to review your work, but that’s dangerous. The truth is you know when it’s good and you know when it’s not and if you’re asking for opinions you’re likely not doing your best work.

Why It’s Not Always Good to Adapt
Allison Fallon
By Allison Fallon

My dishwasher broke recently. The stopper on one of the tracks just broke off, so now if you pull that top rack all the way out, the whole thing just sort of falls. It happened about seven days ago at the time I’m writing this, but I don’t really think about it that much anymore, […]

Why You Never Need to Feel Shame
William Paul Young
By William Paul Young

I sat having a conversation with a young man whose life is at a crossroads, largely in ruins, because of the broken places of his soul and his choices. He comes from a similar religious heritage as I do, so we have language in common. In this moment, he believes he is utterly depraved; worthless. […]