The Power of Gratitude

A couple days ago I told you I ran a publishing company here in Oregon during my mid-twenties. It was a fun few years for me. I fell in love with books during the time, and am grateful to still be in the industry, these days as a writer, of course. I don’t know what […]

A Successful Defeat

I got a little bit of work done on my book today, but not as much as I’d hoped. Yesterday I wrote five times as many words as I did today. And I’d even argue yesterdays words were better. I doubt anything I wrote today will be published. And yet I feel fine about it. […]

Don’t Expand Your Influence, Deepen It.

A long, long time ago I ran a very small publishing company here in Oregon. Part of my job was to create a database and sales system to chart our orders. I noticed that, while we had about a thousand customers, only a hundred or so of them were supporting our business. Initially, I wanted […]

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