Why Don’t Christians Take Risks That Matter?
Sarah Thebarge
By Sarah Thebarge

In the movie What About Bob, Bill Murray plays a neurotic patient named Bob who goes to see a psychiatrist played by Richard Dreyfuss. Halfway through their session, Bob clutches his chest, gasps for air, falls to the floor, flops around for a while making guttural noises, and then lies there silently.

Unfazed, the psychiatrists leans over and asks him if he’s finished. Bob climbs back into his chair and the psychiatrist asks him why he’s just faked a heart attack.

“Because if I fake it, I don’t have it,” Bob replies.

I’d Rather be Hated than Loved with Conditions
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I’d rather be hated than loved with conditions. I think most people would agree. At least when people hate you, they are being intellectually honest. I mean you know where they stand. But we’ve all shared a political view or a struggle and had people take a half step back, or worse, reveal they no longer want the best for us.

Sunday Morning Sermon – Mike Tyson Talks About Seeking Forgiveness
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Tim Schurrer sent me this link today and I was moved by the new, wise, forgiven and forgiving Mike Tyson. “If I can forgive them hopefully people can forgive me” rings Biblical and true and I think in this brief interview we see how this simple teaching of Jesus heals and strengthens us. I hope and pray for the best for Mike Tyson. We could all learn a thing or two from his recent discoveries.