How Wise is Honesty

I traveled recently with Derek Webb, who I greatly admire. We spent about a week on a bus in a traveling circus with Robbie Seay, who was shot out of a canon, and myself, who juggled plates, and Derek who put a knife through an apple sitting atop his wife Sandra’s head. It was a […]

Want to be Productive? Turn off Your Phone

I’ve said it before but it bares repeating…If you want to get some quality work done, turn off your phone. Of course, this may not apply to some of you. If you work at a call bank, obviously, or if your job requires you are able to be contacted, then you have to keep it […]

To Follow or Unfollow?

I’ve been using twitter for about three years now, and as I said yesterday, I’m enjoying it. I use it primarily to keep tabs on my friends, on bands that I like, on a bit of news (though that hasn’t proven very beneficial) and a sports team or two. You can see who I follow […]

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