How a Near Death Experience Buckled My Knees and Made Me Grateful: Thoughts on Being Spared
Becca Stevens
By Becca Stevens

I didn’t ever give much weight to phrase I have been spared until last Saturday morning when I had an undramatic/dramatic experience. Before the idea of being spared seemed like a theologically charged concept which condemned others. But on that morning I understood, for a moment, the freedom that being spared offers.

There was a pelting rain as an SUV, traveling from the opposite direction on the interstate, literally flew through the air, right by my window. It landed between my car and the one behind me, missing everyone, before it […]

New Research May Change Your Views on The Depravity of Man
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Not long ago I saw a tweet from a Christian leader saying something like “Watching the news feed. Lots of horrible things happening. Do we need more to prove the depravity of man?”

I get where the guy is coming from. It would be easy to watch the news and believe people are evil. But there are three immediate problems at play in the simple tweet […]

Sunday Morning Sermon – The Gospel in Four Minutes by Propaganda
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Each week we bring you a sermon from an unlikely source. Musicians, scientists, actors, business leaders and this week a poet […]