How a Creator Handles Critics

Many would-be creators remain consumers because they fear criticism. Perhaps they created something, thinking they’d be encouraged for their work, and they were, but then they read something or heard something critical and felt they were being treated unfairly and were scared back into consumer-mode, sitting on the sidelines. All creators get criticized. There are […]

Can't Seem to Get to Your Project? Maybe the Other Work is Just Wanted Distraction.

Most mornings I’m up around 5 or so. I get breakfast, watch a little bit of the morning news, shower, get dressed, lay around checking e-mail on my phone, then turn the phone off, walk the dog and finally sit down at my desk to write. Instead of writing, though, I check twitter and my […]

A Creator Does Not Build on Emotion

The consumer is wholly moved by a creation, a song or a film or the grandeur of a building, and expects that a creation is built with the same emotion, but it isn’t, a creation is built through practice and then more practice and then skill and craftsmanship and then planning and the execution of […]

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