To Follow or Unfollow?

I’ve been using twitter for about three years now, and as I said yesterday, I’m enjoying it. I use it primarily to keep tabs on my friends, on bands that I like, on a bit of news (though that hasn’t proven very beneficial) and a sports team or two. You can see who I follow […]

Handling Digital Clutter

A couple years ago I killed my Facebook account and haven’t looked back. I’ve greatly enjoyed having one less web page to check. These days I check comments on the blog, twitter feedback and my e-mail. That’s about it. This frees up space to work on other writing that isn’t instant but takes a year […]

Lead by Being Yourself

I’m not much of an outline guy when it comes to writing. And I don’t ask who my readership is going to be. I write what I think is interesting and hope there are other people out there wired the same way I’m wired. It’s a lesson I learned from William Zinnser, and I wonder […]

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