Why I Don’t Believe We Know the Truth Yet
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I get into social tension sometimes when people try to trick me into saying I don’t believe in truth. Of course that’s not true. I do believe in truth, I just haven’t found anybody, apart from Jesus, who represents it absolutely. And we’d all have to agree that while Jesus was truth and represented truth He didn’t articulate it in a way it could be measured and tested and proved.

Truth is bigger than words and too large to be stuffed into a […]

Why Perfectionism is Dead to Me
Al Andrews
By Al Andrews

Yesterday I blew it. I made a mistake. I’m not going to bore you with the details, but let’s just say it had to do with banking and paying bills, two things that are not my gift. I was being pretty hard on myself for a while, and then I remembered a lesson I learned a year ago.

For several weeks last summer, I spent far too much time watching the Olympics. I cheered at victories, got teary over the back-stories, and yelled mature things like “we were robbed!” at officials who remained oblivious to my complaints.

After it was over, I made a decision […]

Theological Sophistication Doesn’t Bind Us: Thoughts on What Really Brings Us Together
Becca Stevens
By Becca Stevens

What are the ties that bind you and me? Do you ever wonder how we can stay in community with each other when there is so much in this world that feels powerful enough to tear us apart? I felt a tie strong enough to bind us last week in the pull of the tide.

To understand this tie, I need to tell you that I have just come out of a twenty-year phase of not liking the song, “Amazing Grace.” It started when I was in seminary; the song seemed so simplistic to me. As I began my career as a pastor, I saw people who didn’t know much about the […]