Sunday Morning Music, Devotchka

If you liked the movie Little Miss Sunshine, you may have discovered the band Devotchka. Not sure if Michael Arndt, who wrote the brilliant little movie intended for the soundtrack to sound Greek or Slavic or Romani, but alas the music worked. And lots of us got to discover a new favorite. Enjoy Devotchka:

Welcome to Portlandia

It’s Saturday so I’ll plug something. Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein have a show launching January 21st on IFC about life in Portland. The trailers have gone viral so you’ve seen them, but I wanted to remind you it starts next week, at 10:30PM. Ill be setting my DVR because unlike my fellow Portlanders I […]

Are Evangelicals Getting Dumber?

Forgive me for being judgmental, because I am about to be judgmental. This past Christmas season, I visited a church in Houston. It was a large, mega-church on the outside of town. I liked the service very much. The music was simply incredible, and the people were very friendly. I have family friends who attend […]

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