You Don’t Need More Talent Or Time
Glennon Doyle Melton
By Glennon Doyle Melton

Dear Glennon, I want to write, but I feel like I’m not special enough. Also, I have no talent or time. Still, I feel this yearning… YOU! YES! You are the one! Please write. The most important quality in a writer is her certainty that she is not special. We do not need more artists […]

Are You Blinded By Your Own Certainty?
Dean Nelson
By Dean Nelson

Just recently I had a dentist appointment, and was without a car. No problem, I thought to myself. I’ll just ride my bike. The dentist’s office is only about two miles from my house. But both tires of my bike were flat. Still not a big deal. I had time to walk. However, it was really hot outside, and by the time I got to the dentist, I was overheated, sweaty and, perhaps, a bit cranky.

Does Talking About Your Work Keep You From Finishing It?
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I think half the battle of a creator is in finishing his or her projects. I wonder how many of the world’s greatest creators never created anything great, because while they may have had the intelligence and even the skill, they weren’t finishers. Finishing is part of the art. A guy I met once ran […]

Your Fears Are Making You Weak
Jeff Shinabarger
By Jeff Shinabarger

Have you ever had a friend witness your fear overtaking you? This happened to me when I was on vacation with friends in Florida. Josh and I noticed the tide was down in a canal where boats were docked. Boats came under a bridge and turned toward the docks, avoiding a sandbar in the middle. With the tide low, people anchored their boats and swam a short distance to play in the sandbar. We watched on the shore a hundred yards away. We looked at each other and in a flash, we took off our shoes and shirts and raced for the water.

God Isn’t Only Good When You Say So
Tyler Huckabee
By Tyler Huckabee

It was not a pleasant scene. I was chatting with two wonderful friends, Parker and Meg at their house when we were joined by two surprise guests—Mark and Abigail—who showed up to announce big news: They were pregnant with their first. They’d just had the ultrasound and the baby was healthy as a horse. And, wouldn’t you know, Mark’s employer was giving them a house so that there’d be enough room for Junior to run around, and their parents were just thrilled and oh isn’t God good?

What Your Gut Feeling Is Actually Telling You
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I make a lot of decisions using intuition, which researchers are beginning to understand as more reliable and less mystical than previously thought. Intuition is really about pattern recognition, about subconsciously picking up on conflicting patterns in a situation. One of the more discussed examples of intuitive decision making has to do with a fire chief who, shortly after entering a burning house, commanded all his men leave the house immediately without really understanding why.

Why You Resist Looking On The Bright Side
Mike Foster
By Mike Foster

Have you ever done something wrong and then been irritated when someone told you to “look on the bright side?” Sometimes it just feels better to wallow in the sorrow of our own loss/failure without letting anything positive taint it. It’s like we don’t want to accept that anything good could come from the bad we caused.

Jesus Wants Us To Use Common Sense
By Donald Miller
What Would You Have Done Differently?
By Susan Isaacs
Get Rid of the Takers in Your Life
By Donald Miller
Is the Advice You’re Giving More Harmful Than Helpful?
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