The Unexpected Benefits of Being Stuck
Branden Harvey
By Branden Harvey

Several years ago, I moved from the small farm town I grew up in to Portland, Oregon—and at first, I hated it. How were you supposed to make friends when you moved to a brand new city? How did people in this city survive without the sunshine? And how on earth was I expected to […]

How I Learned to Go All The Way for What Matters
David Wenzel
By David Wenzel

In the past five years, a few unexpected things have happened: I learned I had a terminal brain tumor, was served divorce papers from the love of my life, and to top it all off, spent a drunken night where I accidentally knocked up my best friend. It’s been a busy five years filled with […]

Seven Things To Do While You’re Still in Your Twenties
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

My friend Bob, who is about ten years older than I am, told me recently that, at least in our culture, your twenties are about getting educated, your thirties are about accumulating resources (becoming financially sustainable), your forties are about building (families, houses, careers, ministries, impact) and your fifties are about enjoying what you’ve built […]