The Difference Between an Artist and an Entertainer
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Some artists are entertaining and some entertainers are artists. Both get applause but the applause means different things to each. For the entertainer, the applause is a false reflection of who they are, a balm for their wounded and fleeting sense of worth.

Love Stands in the Middle
John Sowers
By John Sowers

The people I see changing the world are doing it quietly.

They have tenacity.

They have the courage to move to the middle: A mentor-hero named Jill. Brothers Jed and Jacob. A policeman named Cube who serves inner-city youth. Tim and Tyler, who took a burned out, horror-filled building and turned it into a place of healing. Three girls who gave up everything to love and mentor orphans in South Africa.

None are celebrities. They don’t have many social media followers. They don’t brag about it.

They simply live in the risk of the middle.

Why You Need a “Copernicus Moment”
John Richmond
By John Richmond

In 1543, Nicolaus Copernicus changed the world. He published a theory that challenged the well-accepted belief that all the planets and stars in the universe revolved around earth. Up until that time, it was assumed that we earth dwellers were the center of the cosmos.