What Your Gut Feeling Is Actually Telling You
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I make a lot of decisions using intuition, which researchers are beginning to understand as more reliable and less mystical than previously thought. Intuition is really about pattern recognition, about subconsciously picking up on conflicting patterns in a situation. One of the more discussed examples of intuitive decision making has to do with a fire chief who, shortly after entering a burning house, commanded all his men leave the house immediately without really understanding why.

What to Remember About Unwanted Change
J.J. Peterson
By J.J. Peterson

I stand in the waves of a changing tide. One moment being pushed in, another pulled out. I desperately want to stand still, but my feet find no footing. Maybe you know how this feels: to be standing in a season where everything is shifting around you, and you’re desperate for something stable. I long […]

The Introvert’s Guide to Recovering From The Holidays
Mike Foster
By Mike Foster

Someone once told me I was an introvert with a high social capacity. In that very moment my whole world made sense. That was me, perfectly. I love people but I also adore my quiet time. I want to change the world but, in order to accomplish anything, I need to be alone in my […]