Inauguration and the Need for a King
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Every time we have an inauguration here in the States, I remember that book by Douglas Coupland called Life After God. It’s a wonderful little book of loosely connected short stories about life in our current, western, spiritual vacuum.

In one of the latter stories, Coupland’s character is in New York on business (down from Vancouver, BC) and hears about the inauguration gearing up in DC. He visits, marveling at the crowd and the pomp and circumstance. If you’ve ever attended an inauguration, it’s truly a remarkable scene. Perhaps the closest we can come to feeling a remnant of Rome. Or ancient Greece.

Coupland’s character gives plenty of thought to…

“Sunday Morning Music – Gotye” by Katie Herzig
Katie Herzig
By Katie Herzig

We’re changing the way we approach our Sunday Morning Music posts. For the next several months, these posts will be authored by artists so you can get a glimpse into what inspires them. We hope you enjoy today’s post from our friend, Katie Herzig.

Saturday Morning Cereal: The Best Viral Videos We Found This Week
Tim Schurrer
By Tim Schurrer

Good morning! Last week, the boy and the puddle took the majority vote.

Would love to hear which of these is your favorite….