Why I Don’t Want the Government Spying on Me
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

So, I’ve been living for about six months within the shadow of the Capitol dome. I leave next month, but my impression of America is forever changed.

It’s a decent neighborhood, but more than a little creepy. There are parked, black cars on every other corner, engines running, sunglassed drivers at the wheel. There are cops everywhere. We are told they can and do listen to our phone conversations and are likely watching us walk our dogs.

None of that bothers me, to be honest. But maybe it should […]

Sunday Morning Sermon – Bono on Fame, Faith and Steering Clear of Religious Folks
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Each Sunday Morning we feature a sermon from an unlikely source. Today, the frontman from U2.

If Bono weren’t a rock star, he might be a good writer. Without question, he’d write about faith and without question he’d help all of us articulate and understand the mystery of God with a paradoxical clarity. This is a long interview but it’s encouraging.

Bono does not claim to be a Christian […]

Saturday Morning Cereal: The Best Viral Videos We Found This Week
Tim Schurrer
By Tim Schurrer

An overwhelming majority vote for the ball pit video last week … and understandably so. Thanks for voting. What about this week?