Saturday Morning Cereal: The Best Viral Videos We Found This Week
Tim Schurrer
By Tim Schurrer

There was something special about last week’s Pumpcast News video. Some incredible videos emerged this week as well. Which of these is your favorite?

We Are Oklahoma – How Locals Are Uniting After the Tornado
John Sowers
By John Sowers

Last year, we began dreaming with leaders from Oklahoma City…

As we dreamed, we met business leaders and pastors standing together for the fatherless. We heard Governor Fallin say fatherlessness was Oklahoma’s greatest challenge. We saw a city united and committed to reaching youth through foster care, adoption and mentoring.

Something special was happening in Oklahoma. And it embodied the […]

If the First Will Finish Last, Why Do We Follow Losers
Al Andrews
By Al Andrews

OK, I’ll admit it. I don’t like to stand in lines. I go early to movies and avoid going to the post office where lines are standard fare. And if I do stand in a line, I prefer to be close to the front. That’s why when I fly Southwest, I pay an extra $10 a ticket to get in the A group. (Not only do I despise lines, I also hate middle seats.)

Coming home from a trip recently, I was standing in my “A” line in the Southwest terminal. My boarding pass number was A-29. I can’t tell you how pleased I was with that number, assuring me of my beloved aisle seat.

As I was standing in my little section marked “25-30,” I happened to […]