Why I Now Like George W. Bush
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I’ve always had mixed feelings about George W. I voted for him once (his second term) and coming from Texas had something of an emotional tie to the former President. Not only that, but I like him. I naively believe, of all the former Presidents, he and I would get along the best. I’d rather sit in a duck blind with a dog and George W. than with anybody else. I think we’d get along. If only he drank beer.

That said, I wonder at times if his Presidency didn’t get swayed too strongly by Dick Cheney and the whole Neo-Con control machine (without which he would not have gotten elected). It’s a shame, really. W. may have done more for the continent of Africa than any other President, at least from a foreign policy/financial perspective. Despite popular belief, he was a strong advocate for the poor and marginalized. And I like the fact he wanted to lower taxes, but I hate the fact he increased the national debt […]

Talking It All Out – How to Get Past Hurt Feelings
Susan Isaacs
By Susan Isaacs

One afternoon I got a notice from the post office that I had three parcels waiting for me. I had been expecting a script, but not a parcel. I drove to the post office to pick them up. They were boxes from my sister. I recognized them: It was my mother’s crystal.

When my mother had a stroke and developed dementia, she moved in with my sister. My sister got the dining room set, my mother’s Desert Rose china, and a chunk of money to pay for my mother’s everyday care. Mom said I could have her crystal […]

Thoughts on the Unfollow Generation
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

A few little buttons on the internet have created an entire new way of seeing the world. And the next generation, a generation who is growing up holding an Ipad or Iphone will be dramatically affected.

These days, you can opt in or opt out, agree or disagree, be a follower or an unfollower, a friend or foe.

But what gets lost is something dramatic […]