Lent is Not a Self-Help Program
Susan Isaacs
By Susan Isaacs

We are in the midst of Lent, when the faithful honor Jesus’ forty-day temptation in the wilderness by abstaining from booze, sex, and Facebook; whereas on the day before, Mardi Gras, the unfaithful go to New Orleans to film “Girls Gone Wild” videos.

“Mardi Gras” is French for “Fat Tuesday.” The Anglicans call it “Shrove Tuesday” and celebrate by eating pancakes. I wondered if “shrove” was Anglican for “fat.” After all, pancakes can make you fat; just look at the church’s founder, King Henry VIII. Man, that guy was shrove. He looked like he spent Shrove Tuesday at IHOP, slept through Lent, Ramadan style, then woke up and ate a few Easter hams. Surely “shrove” meant fat. But when I looked up “shrove” in the dictionary, it said it meant “the past participle of ‘shrive’.” Oh, right; how could I forget? Okay, so then I looked up “shrive,” which means to confess and be absolved of guilt. So there it is: pancakes eaten on Shrove Tuesday have been absolved of calories. Everybody wins […]

How to Change a Habit – New Discoveries
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I’ve a terrible habit and it’s this: Every few nights, right before I go to bed, I eat one or two chocolate chip cookies and a whole glass of milk.

I know it’s not as bad as smoking or anything, but still, it’s a habit I’d like to change. And I’ve tried, to no avail until recently when I realized habits are incredibly powerful in determining our health, happiness and success, and that habits could be changed.

I had dinner with a guy recently who serves as an executive coach for several high powered figures in DC. Curious about how the world’s highly productive operate, I asked him what characteristics they had most in common […]

What Are the Unforgivable Sins of the False Gods?
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Whatever culture you involve yourself in, there will be unforgivable sins. An unforgivable sin, in cultural speak, is that thing that makes everybody in the room want to run from you if you so much as speak it or identify with it. It’s that thing everybody in the room hates. And the thing everybody in the room hates changes by the room.

Unforgivable sins are not only reserved for religious people […]