Saturday Morning Cereal: The Best Viral Videos We Found This Week
Tim Schurrer
By Tim Schurrer

From the votes last week, it sounds like we all still love the Carlton dance. What about this week? Which of these if your favorite? Vote below in the comments.

Change Someone’s Life – Provide a Mentor
John Sowers
By John Sowers

The Mentoring Project exists to rewrite the fatherless story through mentoring. We recruit, train and encourage mentors to show up for at-risk and fatherless kids. We watch tiny (and massive) miracles happen day after day.

Although a mentor can never replace a father, he can be a champion of a child in a way that allows a precious young soul to spread its wings. Diego is an example of one who now soars with the help of his mentor.

Diego’s mom died from an accident during childbirth. Diego’s skull was […]

What Happens When You Decide to Care
Dean Nelson
By Dean Nelson

Most golf courses around the world have some things in common: they are usually built on hundreds of acres of beautiful land with hills, trees, water, sand, manicured lawns, people with disposable incomes, and a pro shop for last-minute supplies. What do they look like when they are turned into refugee camps?

I recently played at Torrey Pines golf course in La Jolla, California, the site of several major golf tournaments. Every famous golfer has played there. It looks over the Pacific Ocean, and every TV angle includes views of the water in the background and hang gliders launching right next to one of the fairways. It’s one of the […]