Lost in the Low Lands? Here’s Some Motivation to Look at Life Differently
Al Andrews
By Al Andrews

I have always loved a perch, a high place from which to look out at the world.

The earliest perch I remember was the top bunk of a bed my father made for me. There I could watch for imagined bad guys and from my vantage point, keep myself and my small herd of stuffed animals safe from harm. And then one summer, after watching the movie Swiss Family Robinson, my dad built a tree house for my sister and me. Nestled high in the branches of a walnut tree with its small porch overlooking our farm, it too was a place to keep watch.

In my teens, my roost was at the crest of a small mountain in my hometown of Montreat, North Carolina. There, hidden in the crevasse between two boulders, I could observe the…

What is the Real Problem in the World? Is it You or Them?
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Years ago I wrote a popular essay about how I discovered that I am the real problem in the world. It was a major epiphany for me. The problem was within me and within you, too. My essay went on to discuss a theological understanding of the idea, namely we are all fallen creatures, desperate to be reunited with our maker.

Years later I met Tom Shadyac and was delighted to find he’d taken a philosophical treatment of this realization far, and had even turned it into a film. Tom has his own faith and it…

How My Faith Has Changed Since “Blue Like Jazz”
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Yesterday I had lunch with a new friend and the conversation came around to faith, to how my beliefs have changed since I wrote the book Blue Like Jazz. I thought perhaps I’d blog about it and turn it into a recurring series. My faith has indeed changed. In ways, it’s become more clear, and in other ways, much more indefinable.

Here are a few ways my faith has changed…