Finding the Zone and Punching Fear in the Face
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I grabbed a copy of Jon Acuff’s new book last week. It’s called Start and it’s about chasing your dreams and making things happen. It’s terrifically written and more than that, it’s super helpful. It’s also healthy, in a way, because psychologists have proven we are beings who need to be in motion to really be psychologically healthy. If you’ve not picked up a copy, make it one of your summer reads.

Anyway, one of the things Jon talks about is […]

Stop Making the Same Mistakes – An Expert Talks About Why We Struggle to Change
Bill Lokey
By Bill Lokey

Do you feel like you’re repeating a pattern over and over in your life that you can’t seem to change or you feel stuck in? For instance, maybe you keep getting into the same kind of unhealthy relationships (or avoid relationships), you repeatedly say something you regret when you get angry, you rarely finish things that you begin, you lose confidence in yourself each time you find it, the jobs you take are unfulfilling, sabotaging your own success becomes the norm, etc. Whatever it is, at times it seems overwhelming and impossible to change. In these situations the problem is […]

Here’s a Little Secret: I Have No Idea What I’m Doing and Neither Does Anyone Else
Justin Zoradi
By Justin Zoradi

The greatest advice I ever received was from three dear friends in the winter of 2007.

I was caught in a whirlwind of fear trying to start an organization from the couch of my apartment. My only business skills were the C minus I stumbled through in a college economics class.

My friends sat me down and said this […]