10 Guaranteed Best Sellers I’ll Never Write
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Occasionally I find myself sitting in an airport across from a little bookstore looking at whatever best sellers are featured in the facing display. I’ve bought more than a few of them, but often find myself wondering what kind of book would be guaranteed to hit the best sellers list.

I started a list of potential titles. I’ll never write any of these because I could never disappoint my family (they’d never say anything, but I would see it in their eyes.)

So, I thought I’d share my top-ten, guaranteed best selling book ideas in the form of their titles. Cultural commentary intended, I suppose […]

Has Storyline Impacted You?
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Now that over 10,000 people have gone through the Storyline process, we’re collecting stories from those who have read Storyline 2.0 or have attended one of our conferences. Will you take a minute and share your story with us?

“Sunday Morning Music – The Staves” by GRO
Green River Ordinance
By Green River Ordinance

We’re changing the way we approach our Sunday Morning Music posts. For the next month, these posts will be authored by artists so you can get a glimpse into what inspires them. We hope you enjoy today’s post from our friends, Green River Ordinance.