Sunday Morning Music, Nils Frahm
Tim Schurrer
By Tim Schurrer

Being still is not something I do a great job of. There’s always something I can be doing. There’s always someone to connect with. There’s always work that needs to get done. But when I listen to this song, I am reminded of my need for rest.

I hope you find…

“Hi, I’m Al and I’m an Addict”
Al Andrews
By Al Andrews

A woman with multiple felonies sat to my left. Across from me, seated next to one another, were two women who’d prostituted themselves in the past to pay for their drug habits. To my right was a woman who’d lost count of the number of times she’d been arrested and put in jail.

I was attending “the circle,” a weekly…

When Life Is A Fog, Cling To The Lantern of Light
Justin Zoradi
By Justin Zoradi

I’m in a fog. And not just because I live in Portland. The future of my work in Africa, my writing career, vocation, my role as a husband – it’s all steeped in mystery so thick and so dark it catches in my throat and unsteadies my breath.

I know great things lie ahead, but…