On the Importance of Tricking Yourself Every Once in a While
Shauna Niequist
By Shauna Niequist

I’m deep into a manuscript that’s due this fall, and in some ways my writing routine is the same as ever, but in other ways I’m learning some new tactics to get me through. Here’s one that’s helping me get the writing done these days:

Trick yourself into just playing around with an idea, in advance of really and officially writing it.

Let’s say I have half an hour before the bus drops off…

The Sacred Act of Remembering
Jena Nardella
By Jena Nardella

It’s amazing how quickly we can forget our own stories. We are inundated with the immediate pressures of today, and if we are lucky, we find time to look ahead with vision for the weeks or years to come. But how much time do we spend considering where we have come from? I realize that I have not spent enough time remembering my own story.

Last weekend, James and I drove several hours through winding mountain roads to find ourselves in a secret garden and quaint lodge at the foot of the Smoky Mountains…

A Book May Begin With Angst, But it Must End in Love
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

There is truth in fiction that comes from real life. At the beginning of a story, the character is in angst. They are separated from a love, their lives are in disharmony, their heart is broken. But we pray it won’t stay this way. We pray they find their way, that Harry meets Sally and Luke discovers his identity and destroys the Death Star.

We pray that each character finds their…