Why You Should Waste Some Time Today
Shauna Niequist
By Shauna Niequist

One of my new things (of which there are many these days–I feel sort of adolescent, changing & growing & trying new things faster than I can keep up with, in a good way) is wasting time. Wasting it: spending it lavishly, staring into space, wandering around the block, sitting on the kitchen floor eating blueberries with Mac.

My goal upon returning to real life after lake life is to keep my summer heartmy flexible, silly, ready-to-play, ever-so-slightly irresponsible heart. What I’ve been delighted to find is that it’s not […]

Finding Forgiveness When It Seems Impossible
Allison Fallon
By Allison Fallon

From the time I was four until I was seven-years-old I was sexually abused on a consistent basis by someone I trusted.

So before I was even old enough to understand what forgiveness was, I had already decided I didn’t want anything to do with it. I wasn’t trying to be mean-spirited (I was seven). It was just my very natural coping mechanism. I would hide what happened and twist it and lie about it if I needed to, but I wasn’t going to tell anyone. And I wasn’t going to […]

Why Sometimes The Best Thing to Do With Relationships is Let Them Go
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Recently I’ve been giving a lecture about how we will become like the people we hang out with. It’s true. In five years, you’ll become a conglomerate of the people you spend the most time with. In fact, if I wanted to know who you were going to be five years from now, I’d not ask what you do, what education you have, what you eat or whether you exercise, though all those things have an impact. Instead, I’d want to spend a little time with the folks you spend time with. That alone would tell me who you were going to become […]