The Power of Listening Without Judging
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I have a friend who happens to be a rockstar— a strange and confusing word. And yet my friend is one of the more stable people I know.

He doesn’t get down too much when things don’t go his way, and he doesn’t get all that excited when they do. He’s a terrific listener, too, and wants to know more about you than he wants you to know about himself. In a culture that praises fame, my friend hardly notices.

He seems to see music as a service he offers, no different than a waiter bringing more water. He doesn’t think too much or too little of himself. And for the first few years I knew him, I just assumed he was one of those rare people who was given a heaping supply of wisdom and humility, and I think there might be some truth to that. But recently, I met one of the main reasons my friend is so emotionally stable and capable. I met his father.

How I Overcame The Fear of Running Out of Money
J.J. Peterson
By J.J. Peterson

For the last two years I chose to not take a full-time job. I wanted to explore, rebuild relationships, allow myself space to be authentic and ask risky questions without fear of being fired. As I come to a close of this season, I am finding fear creeping up. I’m running out of money and […]

Why You Don’t Need An Instagram-Perfect Life
Melissa Camara Wilkins
By Melissa Camara Wilkins

I have learned so many things from Instagram. I’ve learned my topknot skills are kind of subpar. I’ve learned my my life is lacking in artful ice cream cones and hipster glasses. I think my color story may need work, too. I know I should be brave about this (because I am a child of […]