One Thing Parents Must Teach Their Children
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

A while back, Matthew Perryman Jones sent out a tweet saying there was a princess party in his living room. You could tell the tweet went out from a moment of pure delight. How could you not delight in that picture? And earlier yesterday morning, I read a quote from John Sowers’ book Fatherless Generation about how quickly our girls wilt when their fathers leave, how they long to know they are […]

A Pastor’s Reflection on Coming Out of The Closet
JJ Peterson
By JJ Peterson

Some days I am not that strong. A little over a year ago I came out of the closet after nearly three decades of trying to convince myself that what I knew wasn’t true. This past year has been spent slowly telling my family, my friends, and even my former co-workers from time spent on […]

Why Mitt Romney Lost The Election And Why Hillary Might Lose, Too
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Mitt Romney lost the election for many reasons, but the main reason might be that he rode into town as the hero. He kept talking about his qualifications to be President, rather than telling the story of the voter. Americans don’t care whether a candidate is a hero. They didn’t vote for John McCain, nor […]