Why You Have So Many Acquaintances But Not Many Friends
Allison Vesterfelt
By Allison Vesterfelt

Recently I had to have a hard conversation with a friend. It was one of those conversations you put off for a long time, thinking you can just ride it out, hoping things will correct on their own. The tension had been building for awhile. Small things, really, but neither of us wanted to bring […]

5 Articles I Sent My Staff This Week
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

As a staff, we are committed to learning and growing, both professionally and personally. One of the ways we do that is by reading. Below are some of the most current things we’re reading together. If you’re in need of something great to read this weekend, start here. One of My Favorite Ways to Add […]

How to Get Through The Not-So-Graceful Beginning
Hillary Rector
By Hillary Rector

During a stretch of the gets-dark-so-early winter, my husband and I tried each weekend to make chicken tikka masala, something we love to order at Indian restaurants but had never made at home. In the process, I recognized an impulse in myself that pipes up whenever I try (or even ponder trying) something new. It […]