Don’t Follow Your Passion, Follow Your Time
Justin Zoradi
By Justin Zoradi

I’m just like you. Constantly searching, forever scanning, continually hunting for purpose in life.

But here’s a tip:
Stop believing the secret is to just “follow your passions.” People will tell you that and you’ll believe them. But it’s not entirely true.

Because if you really want to know…

The Beauty That is Born in Death, A Story About Redemption in Suffering
Jeff Goins
By Jeff Goins

In the spring of Junior year in high school, my friend Doug died. We weren’t close friends, but in a graduating class of sixty-five students, losing one was enough to turn your world upside down.

Doug was part of the preppy group, and I was part of the group Doug’s friends made fun of. He wore Abercrombie & Fitch, hung out with jocks, and caught the attention of more than a few girls. I wore baggy T-shirts, befriended band geeks, and was a wallflower at school dances, lamenting, “When are they gonna play some Pearl Jam?”

We weren’t that much alike, Doug and I, but we’d known each other for nearly eight years, which was long enough for me to…

4 Reasons New Years Resolutions Don’t Work and How to Make Next Year Great!
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Goals like “lose weight” or “decrease debt” are vague and uninspiring. Goals work much better when they’re set within a narrative context. Frodo would not have gone on his journey unless the fate of Middle Earth depended on it.

It’s like that with us, too. Without a narrative context, we have little motivation to become different people than we are. When God created the Garden of Eden, He didn’t put a gym in the middle of it. Instead, He gave Adam an ambition that made him come alive. He told Adam to name the animals. Then he motivated Adam with a love story, then a family. He launched man into a story and man has been designed to live within a story ever since.

Here are four reasons resolutions don’t often work, and a few tips for making 2013 a bit better…