“We Leak What We Love” by Bob Goff
Bob Goff
By Bob Goff

Last year I made friends with a child in Uganda who was abducted and mutilated by witch doctors. Amazingly, I also met a surgeon about the same time, a man named Randy Sherman who happened to be the worlds leading expert on repairing the exact damage done to the Ugandan boy. Needless to say, I introduced the two and the story went from tragedy to amazing and beautiful in only a few short months.

Randy and I happen to both be pilots, and I happen to own a seaplane he’d always wanted to fly. I got to thank Randy by…

The Failure of Twenty-Something Thinking and Why You Should Peak at 65
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

If you try to become the “it” writer, speaker, leader of the moment, you might be guilty of trying to become a fashionable leader. Don’t fall for it. If you become the fashionable leader of the moment, you’ll be gone as fast as bell bottoms. The same people who praise you today will be distancing themselves from you tomorrow.

Instead, try to peak when you’re 65.

What I mean by this is…

Why People Do and Don’t Like Tim Tebow
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

A couple weeks ago a few of Tim Tebow’s teammates anonymously spoke to the press about their second-string quarterback. While most players who work with Tebow have only positive things to say about him, these players were a little disrespectful. The fact they spoke anonymously was weak, and Coach Ryan went so far as to call them cowards.

Regardless, Tim Tebow has become one of those characters people either love or hate. Sports announcers praise him or roll their eyes. There seems to be…