The Writing Mind: How to Find the Words
John Sowers
By John Sowers

“I never exactly made a book. It was rather like taking dictation” -CS Lewis

The first place I go to write is not my Mac. Or my typewriter. Or the yellow-lined notepad. I go somewhere else entirely. And I’m not exactly sure how to get there.

Other authors go there too. Philip Yancey says he only finds this place after he’s been alone in a cabin for a week, without shaving. Bob Goff puts on his Indiana Jones hat and goes excavating for buried treasure. Anne LaMott calls it…

4 Lessons From Lincoln – What We Can Learn From America’s Greatest President
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

There was no renewed interest in Abraham Lincoln at the release of Steven Speilberg’s new film because an American interest in Abraham Lincoln has never waned. Lincoln is considered by me and by many America’s greatest leader. Daniel Day Lewis plays the President so wonderfully in the new film that he certainly deserves an Oscar, as does the movie itself. Missing from the film, however, is Lincoln’s darker side, the sad Lincoln, the tortured Lincoln his own letters reveal. But this wasn’t so much the focus of Spielberg’s film. The director wanted to tell the story of the passing of the thirteenth amendment, and he does this quite well. In fact, I would argue this is less a film about Lincoln and more…

The Painful Truth About the Situation in Israel
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Less than a week ago, BBC journalist Jihad Misharawi’s 11-month old son Omar was killed by an Israeli airstrike in the Gaza Strip. A picture of Jihad and his son was featured last week on the cover of the Washington Post, bringing new attention to an old struggle that seems to only be getting worse.

Rockets have been going back and forth from Gaza into Israel and from Israel into Gaza now for several years. This is not a new situation but it is escalating to a level we’ve not seen in nearly four years.

Only last month a group of journalists and I visited Israel and stood on a hill overlooking the wall separating Israel from Gaza. From our viewpoint we could…