What Are You Telling Yourself That Isn’t True?
Al Andrews
By Al Andrews

Let’s face it – we all make stuff up! While we have legitimate questions — Why didn’t they call back? Why wasn’t I invited? I wonder why I wasn’t chosen for this or that? — we often answer them with a negative and active imagination.

Keep Your Phone From Getting In The Way Of Your Work
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I’ve said it before, but it bares repeating: If you want to get some quality work done, turn off your phone. Of course, this may not apply to some of you. If you work at a call bank, obviously, or if your job requires you are able to be contacted, then you have to keep it on. But if you do creative work, or if you are able to go two to three hours without a phone, I think you’ll find the time remarkably productive.

*Photo Credit: - Komodor -, Creative Commons
Kick Your Negative Self Talk To The Curb
Mike Foster
By Mike Foster

It is often said a man is his worst critic. But I think the truer statement is this: a man is his own bully. All day long under the yoke of comparison and shame, we speak cruelties to ourselves. It’s ok to tell ourselves “you could have done better on this or that,” but many […]

Are You Going Through Hell Right Now?
Justin Zoradi
By Justin Zoradi

Build your own green folder. Allow it to become your spiritual and emotional survival kit. It’s not out of the norm to keep a first aid kit in your car or a few gallons of water in your basement for an emergency. We should follow the same guidelines for our souls. In your times of mental clarity and hopefulness, file away the quotes, phrases, verses, prayers and letters of encouragement you know you will need in times of disbelief and despair.

How To Know If You’re Setting Yourself Up For Failure
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

The first time I joined a gym the trainer worked me out until I nearly died. She put me on a machine and had me lift the weights in sets of ten, decreasing the weights each time, doing as many sets as it would take until I literally couldn’t lift an empty bar. She wanted me to know what a workout felt like, and wanted to make sure the initial work out was as hard as it could be, so I’d have something to compare my subsequent workouts to. I think she hated men.

Who Are You Hurting With Your Distractedness?
Cadence Turpin
By Cadence Turpin

When we stay so distracted that we lose sight of others, forgetting to pay attention to their needs, or are no longer looking to see where God’s at in our lives, we hurt. We hurt ourselves and we hurt other people, often the people we care about most.

Knowing What You Want Will Keep You From Making Bad Decisions
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Ever wonder why Joseph didn’t sleep with Potiphar’s wife? He certainly could have. She came on to him often, and finally got so tired of his rejections that she lied and said he tried to rape her. Joseph ended up in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. But what gave Joseph the strength to not give in to temptation?

Do You Only Extend Grace When It’s Convenient?
By Dean Nelson
You May Be Making Your Bad News Even Worse
By Tim Schurrer
What If Christians Stopped Serving Out Of Guilt?
By Donald Miller
Collaboration Isn’t About Impressing One Another
By Amena Brown Owen