Here’s What I Learned When My Life Didn’t Pan Out
Jenny Simmons
By Jenny Simmons

So you made a great life plan and watched it go up in flames? Yeah, me too. I’m that girl. I love plans, career counselors, conferences like Storyline, good therapists and anything else that will guide and inspire me to craft a life that’s worth living. I planned my story out, complete with dreams, goals, […]

What Being in A Music Video Taught Me About My Identity
J.J. Peterson
By J.J. Peterson

One of the ways I worked my way through grad school was taking small acting jobs here and there. The pay wasn’t always great, but it was a unique experience and I always had fun and learned something. One of the most profoundly divine encounters in my life happened when I was cast in a […]

Why It’s Sometimes Best to Ignore Your Feelings
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I’m a 4 on the Enneagram with a strong 3 wing. Enneageeks know what this means. It means I’m in touch with my moods, my feelings, my thoughts more than the average person (the 4 side) which can sometimes be a pain. Being a 4 means you can only “create” when the weather is good. […]