Why You Settle For Less When You Know There’s Better
Cadence Turpin
By Cadence Turpin

I think we have a lot to learn from trees. I don’t say start with that to segue into some sort of environmentalist stand, I just think it’s true. It seems like there are few things, if any, that God hasn’t planted around us to teach us something good about who he is.

The Problem With Black-And-White Thinking
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Generally speaking, you are either a Republican or Democrat, a Calvinist or Arminian, you either believe we are shaped by nature or nurture, you either like Neil Diamond or you don’t, and even as you read this, you either agree with the statements I just made or you disagree. We think Fox News is brainwashing or truth-telling, we are Democratic or Marxists, evolutionists or creationists. There is either right or wrong, good or bad, beautiful or profane, right?

What You Miss When You’re Afraid Of Messing Up
Pete Wilson
By Pete Wilson

Recently, I was watching my youngest son, Brewer, fly his kite. He has always had a thing for kites. It reminded me of a time over a year ago when he had received a kite as a gift. It hung there in our laundry room for months, and almost daily he would beg me to […]

Finish That Thing You Need To Write (Without A Cabin)
Tsh Oxenreider
By Tsh Oxenreider

A few months ago, my newest book released to the public. Seeing as I had already submitted its first draft over a year ago, it was such a relief to finally have this baby of mine out in the world and available to sit on other people’s shelves. (It’s amazing how long the book-publishing process […]

My Favorite Tweet Ever
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Last week somebody sent out a tweet quoting an old Polish proverb. It went like this: “Not my circus, not my monkeys.” I read it and laughed. I laughed because I happened to be visiting some friends in a small town who were up in arms about the location of a proposed playground. The proposed playground had the entire town at each others’ throats. I’ll repeat that: a proposed playground was dividing families, churches, school boards and on and on.

What Are You Telling Yourself That Isn’t True?
Al Andrews
By Al Andrews

Let’s face it – we all make stuff up! While we have legitimate questions — Why didn’t they call back? Why wasn’t I invited? I wonder why I wasn’t chosen for this or that? — we often answer them with a negative and active imagination.

Keep Your Phone From Getting In The Way Of Your Work
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

I’ve said it before, but it bares repeating: If you want to get some quality work done, turn off your phone. Of course, this may not apply to some of you. If you work at a call bank, obviously, or if your job requires you are able to be contacted, then you have to keep it on. But if you do creative work, or if you are able to go two to three hours without a phone, I think you’ll find the time remarkably productive.

Kick Your Negative Self Talk To The Curb
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