What Is An Enough List And How it Helped Me Enjoy Everyday
Melissa Camara Wilkins
By Melissa Camara Wilkins

I used to think there was never enough time. At the end of every day, no matter how busy I’d been, there were always projects unfinished, emails unanswered, and household chores left undone. I hadn’t done it all, so I felt like I hadn’t done enough. And it’s only a short leap in your heart […]

The Most Underrated Sound in Our Society
Joshua Becker
By Joshua Becker

A few months ago, my wife and I took our kids on a short weekend trip to the mountains. As we pulled out of our neighborhood and merged onto the four lane highway, we suddenly realized an important detail for the trip had not been accomplished.

Kim and I both assumed the other person was going to make the necessary arrangements. As a result, neither of us had accomplished the task. And now, the trip had already begun.

Getting Famous Is Not How You Will Change The World
Donald Miller
By Donald Miller

Since I was a kid I knew what I wanted to do: I wanted to change the world. I didn’t know how, and honestly I didn’t know why, but I wanted to have an impact.

That desire evolved over the years from an identity struggle where, though I would never have admitted it, I really just wanted to be known and important, to a more sincere desire to see peoples lives changed for the better. I’d say I’m still experiencing that evolution. It will always be a percentage game. None of us are pure in our motives. But we keep working all the same.