Discovering Your Calling Won’t Make You Whole
Andrea Lucado
By Andrea Lucado

How quickly I get discouraged and wonder why I don’t feel content or why work is so hard sometimes. Maybe it’s because it’s supposed to be. Maybe it’s to remind us that things are broken here. When we don’t find wholeness here on earth, we are forced to look forward and upward. When I see it this way, the breaking of things is a promise for the whole that is coming.

What to Remember When Your Life Plan Gets Derailed
Mike Foster
By Mike Foster

Life didn’t turn out like the preacher said it would. Cancer came. Our spouse left. We tried to accomplish our dreams and failed. This is definitely not what we asked for. So what do we do when we don’t get an answer to our prayers? When I began writing and speaking, I prayed a lot. […]

What to Do When You Just Want to Give Up And Quit
Andrea Lucado
By Andrea Lucado

It’s been one of those months where I’ve wanted to throw my hands up and quit. Have you been there? Big stuff is brewing in your life, hard stuff. It’s heavy and all over you, and all you want is out. For me, work and writing have been the hard stuff. Writing is usually hard, […]

Judging Others Is Making You Unhappy
Al Andrews
By Al Andrews

My wife Nita and I were finally buckled into our seats on a plane en route to the beach for a week of quiet and rest. It had been a long year, full of changes. Among those changes—we’d packed up our house, renovated it for a sale, bought a new house in a new town, […]