Why It’s Often Better to Say Less
Al Andrews
By Al Andrews

I am finding that the older I get, the less I need to say.

It’s not that I don’t have thoughts about things. I have plenty of them. But these days as I edge toward my sixth decade, many of those thoughts simply do not need to be expressed. Most of my […]

Are Cell Phones Ruining Our Relationships?
Dean Nelson
By Dean Nelson

Does this bother you as much as it bothers me: A person is pushing a stroller, with the child facing the adult, and the adult is doing something on his or her phone, oblivious to the child? If the child is a baby, he or she is invariably locked onto the face of the caregiver, looking for those cues like facial expression, sweet sounds, songs, maybe even a little monologue about what they are seeing and hearing together. That’s how babies learn stuff. We all know that.

I saw it again this morning […]

Why We Love Those Who Don’t Love Us Back
Andrea Lucado
By Andrea Lucado

A few years ago I wrote a post on my blog English Lessons entitled Why Do We Love Those Who Don’t Love Us Back? It is consistently my most-read post, and the most common search term that brings people to English Lessons is a variation of that question: Why do I love someone who doesn’t love me back?

People Google that. A lot of people Google that. Unrequited love is a mystery we are asking a search engine to solve for us. Loving someone who doesn’t seem to return our feelings is painful, and when God doesn’t make the pain go away when we ask Him to, we ask Google […]

Is God Really Good All The Time?
Jason Jones
By Jason Jones

Sunday has always been a special day to me. For a lot of us, it brings up memories of growing up going to church, or having a regularly scheduled lunch with family or friends. Maybe it takes you back to that feeling of easing into a pillow, stretching out on a couch, and dozing off […]