What is Storyline?

At Storyline, we believe people who live clear, meaningful lives have the greatest influence on culture.

Our goal then is to help people create life plans that give them personal vision and clarity. Our life plan is very different, however, focussing on a meaningful life rather than just a productive life. We do not believe people should live their lives as a cog in a wheel.

Our phenomenal life-planning process is based on the elements of story and was developed combining the principles of screenwriting and storytelling with the principles of time and life management. As such, thousands have now created a life plan that allows them to succeed while not sacrificing a meaningful, rich life experience that takes into account spirituality, family, friendships and career.

We believe living a meaningful story is important. Many people who have selfish intentions influence the narratives that sadly affect our culture. But the best way to change the world is not to shout down the bad guys, but to make more good guys.

Our process is helping good people tell great stories. We want one of those people to be you.

The Storyline Conference

The Storyline Conference is held once a year in Chicago. Storyline attendees are reminded of the theology and psychology behind the process and are inspired by special guests who are living amazing stories.


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